Outstanding 2-Day Collector's Choice Auction
March 10th-11th, 2009
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Lot  1
Estimate: $125,000  - 175,000
A VERY FINE TIFFANY FAVRILE AND BRONZE PEONY LEADED GLASS TABLE LAMP circa 1905. The Domical shade leaded in multiple colors of stained glass with an undulating design of peony blossoms in various stages of bloom resting on a Roman Helmet style patinated bronze base. The base stamped Tiffany Studios, New York #529, the shade signed Tiffany Studios, New York #1505. Height 32 inches, diameter 23 inches. Estimate $125,000-$175,000
Price Realized: $115,640.00
Lot  2
Estimate: $2,000  - 3,000
A VERY FINE L.C. TIFFANY FAVRILE IRIDIZED AND APPLIED GLASS VASE early 20th century Special Order of bottle form in green glass with undulating iridized wavy lines below an applied chain link glass collar. Inscribed L.C.T. o8013. Height 6.75 inches. Estimate $2,000-$3,000
Price Realized: $6,136.00
Lot  3
Estimate: $1,200  - 1,800
A FINE L.C. TIFFANY FAVRILE GLASS PULLED FEATHER VASE early 20th century, of spherical form with green silvery tipped pulled feathers over an opal ground with iridized gold interior. Inscribed L.C. Tiffany - Favrile 3394U. Height 4 inches. Estimate $1,200-$1,800
Price Realized: $2,124.00
Lot  4
Estimate: $1,500  - 2,500
A VERY FINE L.C. TIFFANY FAVRILE GLASS CABINET VASE early 20th century, spherical form in red iridized glass with silvery blue undulating waves. Inscribed L.C.T. N3364. Height 2.75 inches. Estimate $1,500-$2,500
Price Realized: $5,192.00
Lot  5
Estimate: $500  - 750
A STEUBEN BLUE AURENE GLASS CENTER BOWL early 20th century, in cobalt blue glass with silvery blue iridized finish. Height 3 inches, diameter 14.5 inches. Estimate $500-$750
Price Realized: $501.00
Lot  6
Estimate: $1,500  - 2,500
A RARE MT. WASHINGTON LAVENDER LAVA GLASS VASE late 19th century, in lavender or raspberry color glass decorated in gray, red and blue patches with painted gilt accents. Height 4 inches. Estimate $1,500-$2,500
Price Realized: $5,664.00
Lot  7
Estimate: $1,200  - 1,800
A FINE MT. WASHINGTON LAVA GLASS STOPPERED SCENT BOTTLE late 19th century, in black glass with maroon, lavender, green, brown and cobalt patches. Height 3.75 inches. Estimate $1,200-$1,800
Price Realized: $6,372.00
Lot  8
Estimate: $300  - 500
L.C. TIFFANY GOLD FAVRILE GLASS circa 1900, 2 pieces comprising a 3-inch diameter spice dish and a 2-inch cordial or toothpick holder. Each inscribed L.C.T. together with a Tiffany & Co. sterling salt spoon. Length 3.75 inches. Estimate $300-$500
Price Realized: $442.00
Lot  9
Estimate: $3,000  - 5,000
A VERY FINE G. ARGY-ROUSSEAU PATE DE VERRE ORIENTAL FRENCH ART GLASS VASE introduced 1927, in gray glass internally decorated in wispy lavender, purple and black glass. Embossed with stylized design. Signed G. Argy-Rousseau. Height 7-5/8 inches (19.5 cm). Estimate $3,000-$5,000
Price Realized: $4,248.00
Lot  10
Estimate: $600  - 900
IOWA CITY CAT RABBIT HORSE PATTERN GLASS GOBLET 19th century, with embossed decoration. Height 6-1/8 inches. Estimate $600-$900
Price Realized: $560.00
Lot  11
Estimate: $100  - 200
A BOHEMIAN ENAMELED GLASS CORDIAL SET 5-piece, early 20th century. Comprising a footed ewer with stopper and 4 matching handled footed cordials in Rubina glass. Height 11.5 inches. Estimate $100-$200
Price Realized: $136.00
Lot  12
Estimate: $600  - 900
A FINE PAIR OF OPAL CUT TO CRANBERRY MANTEL LUSTERS 20th century, decorated with gold scrolling and colorful flowers and accented with eight prisms. Height 12 inches. Estimate $600-$900
Price Realized: $708.00
Lot  13
Estimate: $500  - 750
A RAINBOW MOTHER-OF-PEARL VICTORIAN LAMP late 19th century, with melon ribbed base and shade in a diamond quilt pattern. Height 15 inches. Estimate $500-$750
Price Realized: $944.00
Lot  14
Estimate: $1,000  - 1,500
NORTHWOOD CHRYSANTHEMUM SPRIG CUSTARD GLASS COLLECTION late 19th century, 21 pieces comprising an 11-inch berry bowl and 4 sauces, 8.5-inch pitcher and 4 tumblers, 6.5-inch footed plateau, covered butter, creamer and covered sugar, 2 spooners (one has chip), small compote, toothpick holder, salt & pepper and cruet (replaced stopper). Estimate $1,000-$1,500
Price Realized: $649.00
Lot  15
Estimate: $500  - 750
NORTHWOOD NAUTILUS SHELL CUSTARD GLASS COLLECTION late 19th century. 18 pieces comprising a 10-inch berry bowl and 6 sauces, pitcher and 3 tumblers, creamer & 2 sugar (one lid absent), spooner, small compote, covered butter and toothpick holder. Estimate $500-$750
Price Realized: $590.00
Lot  16
Estimate: $300  - 500
NORTHWOOD CHRYSANTHEMUM SPRIG BLUE OPAQUE GLASS late 19th century. 9 pieces comprising two 11-inch berry bowls, five saucers, spooner and covered sugar. Estimate $300-$500
Price Realized: $354.00
Lot  17
Estimate: $300  - 500
A WESTMORELAND MASONIC SYRIA TEMPLE PRESSED GLASS SOUVENIR COLLECTION 1900-1910, 21 pieces. Including three 1911 champagnes, a 1910 Alligator champagne, Niagara Falls loving cup, 1903 Saratoga and 1904 Atlantic City mugs and other items. Estimate $300-$500
Price Realized: $442.00
Lot  18
Estimate: $300  - 500
PEACOCK & URN, NESTING SWAN CARNIVAL GLASS early 20th century, comprising 5 Millersburg Peacock & Urn 5.75 inches, amethyst small bowls and a Nesting Swan in amethyst, diameter 9.5 inches. Estimate $300-$500
Price Realized: $224.00
Lot  19
Estimate: $200  - 300
TWO NORTHWOOD GOOD LUCK CARNIVAL GLASS BOWLS early 20th century, ruffled edge in cobalt blue and green (chip), diameter 8 inches. Together with a 7-inch Fenton Acorn blue bowl. Estimate $200-$300
Price Realized: $177.00
Lot  20
Estimate: $150  - 250
7-PIECE CARNIVAL GLASS COLLECTION early 20th century, comprising a Dugan God & Home blue tumbler, Imperial Embossed Scroll amethyst bowl, plus aqua opal Leaf & Bead rose bowl, wreath of roses compote and other pieces. Together with a Northwood custard nautilus shell sauce. Estimate $150-$250
Price Realized: $354.00