Important Asian, Russian, European and American Works
May 24th & 25th, 2011

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Lot  479
Estimate: $8,000  - 12,000  
A LARGE AND IMPORTANT CHINESE CARVED SHOUSHAN STONE BOULDER, QING DYNASTY, PROBABLY IMPERIAL. Finely carved and well sculpted in great detail in an evenly toned greenish/yellow soapstone and rockery areas in a light smoky pewter color with traces of red veining throughout depicting the Eight immortals in a mountainous setting, probably the “Garden of Xiwangmu in her fastness in the western China mountains”. Each figure holding an attribute including horsetail fan, flute, and clapper, with two figures seated playing a game, each fully carved in the round and surrounded by an open work of meandering cloud forms and rockery spires. The well polished figures contrasting against the rough textured stone pinnacles and displayed on a convoluted carved hardwood stand. Height of carving 15 inches (38.1cm), width 12 inches (30.5cm) and total height on stand, 16.75 inches (42.5 cm). Weight 38.9 lbs. Provenance: Ashkenazie & Co., Fairmont Hotel, San Francisco, California, July 25, 1985 according to accompanying receipt which lists above work as "Imperial 18th C." and listing the original purchase price as US$15,000
Lot  480
Estimate: $20,000  - 30,000  
AN IMPORTANT CHINESE CARVED IMPERIAL WHITE JADE SEAL, STAND AND LIDDED COVER, QING DYNASTY, QINGLONG PERIOD. The evenly toned and semi translucent white jade seal of squared form with incised inscription of the type used on "Imperial Collection Paintings" referring to "Precious Treasure of Daoguang Emperor". Surmounted by a well carved double headed Kylin with finely detailed features and scaled surface under a lustrous polished finish contained in a fitted carved Huanghuali wood stand raised on bracketed feet carved with archaistic scrolls and covered with a cubicle form lid overlaid with various colored carved shoushaun stone floral vase motifs on five panels on a red lacquered ground. The seal- 4.5 inches (10.8 cm) square x 4 inches (10.2 cm) high, the container 7 inches (17.8 cm) high.
Price Realized: $52,800.00
Lot  481
Estimate: $10,000  - 15,000  
AN EXTREMELY FINE CHINESE MUGHAL STYLE CARVED WHITE JADE LIDDED HU-FORM VASE, QING DYNASTY. The evenly toned semi translucent white jade flat sided and well hollowed vase raised on flared petal form foot ring carved in low relief with scrolling foliates below pierced scrolled handles covered with a dome shaped lid surmounted with a lotus form finial. Displayed on a carved hardwood stand. Height 10.75 inches (27.3 cm) (excluding stand).
Price Realized: $25,200.00
Lot  482
Estimate: $10,000  - 15,000  
A VERY LARGE AND FINE CHINESE CARVED WHITE JADE DRAGON BRUSHWASHER, QING DYNASTY. The deeply carved and well detailed and polished oval jade vessel depicting five meandering five-toed dragons among a swirling pattern of multi-layered clouds, the interior well hollowed. Length 8 inches (20.3 cm).
Price Realized: $22,800.00
Lot  483
Estimate: $4,000  - 7,000  
A FINE CHINESE CARVED WHITE JADE LIDDED SCEPTER FORM BOX, LATE QING DYNASTY/EARLY REPUBLIC PERIOD. The semi-translucent and well hollowed white jade box in the shape of a modified scepter with partial russet skin head finely carved with detailed lotus blossoms, Asiatic birds and foliates surmounted with an overfitting lid carved with a matching pierced open work design. Length 12.5 inches (31.8 cm).
Price Realized: $6,000.00
Lot  484
Estimate: $8,000  - 12,000  
A VERY FINE CHINESE MUGHAL STYLE CARVED OPEN WORK WHITE JADE LIDDED URN, QING DYNASTY. The evenly toned semi-translucent well hollowed flat sided vase finely carved with a delicate all over design of scrolling pierced foliates below reticulated lotus blossom handles suspending deeply carved loose rings, covered by a dome shaped pierced lid surmounted by a lotus bud finial. Height 11.75 inches (29.9 cm).
Price Realized: $12,000.00
Lot  485
Estimate: $10,000  - 15,000  
A LARGE AND VERY FINE CHINESE CARVED WHITE JADE CENSER, QING DYNASTY. The evenly toned and semi-translucent rotund lidded koro with cover surmounted by a well carved and reticulated figural foo lion below two large Kylin mask handles suspended with loose rings flanked by two diminutives matching handles surrounded by a band of archaistic designs raised on four shaped legs with Kylin mask knees. Width 9.5 inches (24.1 cm), height 9.75 inches (24.8 cm).
Price Realized: $15,600.00
Lot  486
Estimate: $15,000  - 25,000  
A VERY FINE CHINESE CARVED WHITE JADE FIGURE OF GUANYIN, QING DYNASTY. The evenly toned and semi- translucent white jade figure finely carved and polished with a well layered robe in a standing position depicted with a flaming halo, the verso carved with cloud form reliefs depicted with the right hand held in blessing while the left holds a ruyi scepter, a dragon fish residing at the lotus pedestal base spouting a water vessel of elixir. Height 10 inches (25.5 cm). Provenance: Purchased by the current owner's father at Parke-Bernet, circa 1949.
Lot  487
Estimate: $4,000  - 7,000  
A FINE CHINESE CARVED WHITE JADE BRUSHPOT, QING DYNASTY. Of cylindrical form well carved with a mountainous scene of a scholars retreat, fishermen and pine tress in low relief, under a lustrous polished finish, the interior finely hollowed, incised mark on base. Height 4.5 inches (11.4 cm) excluding carved hardwood stand.
Price Realized: $7,200.00
Lot  488
Estimate: $1,500  - 2,500  
A VERY FINE CHINESE CARVED WHITE JADE PENDANT/PLAQUE, QING DYNASTY, PROBABLY 18TH CENTURY. Carved in an evenly toned semi-translucent white jade with a low relief scene of a dancing boy and lotus in cartouche with confronting dragon border, the reverse with four character seal mark, pierced for suspension, contained in a later brocaded silk hinged cover box with gilt label for “Ming Sun Co., 23 west 57th St., New York City” circa 1928, Height 2.5 inches (6.35 cm) (excluding box).
Price Realized: $2,160.00
Lot  489
Estimate: $3,000  - 5,000  
A GOOD CHINESE CARVED WHITE JADE BRUSH WASHER, QING DYNASTY, QINGLONG MARK AND PERIOD. The diminutive “purse form” handled brush washer with mythical beast head handles and attached suspended rings carved in an even-toned white jade with a lustrous surface polish and well hollowed interior. The base with incised four character Qianlong mark and traces of gilding. Length 6 inches (15.2 cm).
Price Realized: $60,000.00
Lot  490
Estimate: $1,500  - 2,500  
A FINE CHINESE CARVED JADE CENSER, QING DYNASTY. Carved green nephrite with reticulated cover terminating in a finely carved coiled dragon finial above a three-footed bowl with archaistic relief designs and mythical beast handles supporting loose ring pendants. Length 6.25 inches (15.9 cm).
Price Realized: $3,120.00
Lot  491
Estimate: $1,500  - 2,000  
A GOOD CHINESE CARVED WHITE JADE CALLIGRAPHY BRUSH AND COVER, QING DYNASTY. In an even-toned white jade of elongated cylindrical form with carved flower bud finial and incised scroll band terminating in a tapering bristle brush covered with an overfitting cylinder cap. Total length 8 inches (20.3 cm).
Price Realized: $1,800.00
Lot  492
Estimate: $3,000  - 5,000  
A FINE CHINESE CARVED WHITE JADE AND HARDWOOD RUYI SCEPTER, QING DYNASTY. The well curved and shaped carved hardwood scepter form inset with three medallions each of an even-toned semi translucent jade carved with a multi-layered open work design of scrolling florals, birds, and auspicious emblems. The plaques, 4.75 x 3.75 inches (12 x 9.5 cm), 3.25 x 2.25 inches (8.3 x 5.7 cm), 2.25 x 2.5 inches (5.7 x 6.6 cm) and 20.5 inches (52 cm) long overall.
Price Realized: $5,520.00
Lot  493
Estimate: $7,500  - 10,000  
A VERY FINE CHINESE CARVED WHITE JADE AND HARDWOOD TABLESCREEN, THE PLAQUE QING DYNASTY. The later wood carved wood stand holding a white and russet jade circular plaque well carved in relief with scenes illustrating a landscape with river, pine trees and a gesturing man. The verso with russet skin, displayed in a later fitted hardwood openwork carved frame resting in a stand of open work carved scrolls. Total height 18.75 inches (47.6 cm), the plaque 7 inches diameter (17.8 cm).
Price Realized: $9,000.00
Lot  494
Estimate: $5,000  - 8,000  
A FINE CHINESE CARVED WHITE JADE FIGURE OF A RECUMBENT MING STYLE HORSE, QING DYNASTY. Depicting an animated alert horse with suspended reins held by an unmounted groom wearing leather boots with well detailed base, carved in white jade with russet highlights. Length 7 inches (17.8 cm).
Price Realized: $13,200.00
Lot  495
Estimate: $3,000  - 5,000  
A CHINESE CARVED WHITE JADE MUGHAL STYLE LIDDED POT, QING DYNASTY, LATE 18TH CENTURY. The diminutive compressed globular form in an evenly toned semi-translucent jade with three openwork foliate handles suspending loose rings, covered with a domed lid surmounted by two figural cicadas, the whole carved with delicate high relief foliate scrolls over a well hollowed interior. Height 2.6 inches (6.9 cm).
Price Realized: $6,000.00
Lot  496
Estimate: $12,000  - 18,000  
A VERY FINE CHINESE CARVED WHITE JADE AND RUSSET SCENIC BOULDER, QING DYNASTY, PROBABLY QINGLONG PERIOD. The well carved and lustrous polished deep relief scene of a scholar or monk and attendant with various longevity motifs including pine trees, a crane, magic fungus and a pavilion in a soft opaque white jade with rind brown striations incorporated into the mountainous design. Height 7 inches (18 cm). Provenance: Purchased by the present owner's father at Hartman’s Rare Art, New York City, circa 1949.
Price Realized: $15,600.00
Lot  497
Estimate: $5,000  - 8,000  
A FINE CHINESE CARVED WHITE JADE TURQUOISE AND GILT BRONZE RUYI SCEPTER, QING DYNASTY. The scrolled gilt bronze scepter carved with the “Eight Buddhist Symbols of Happy Augury” and inset with three white jade plaque ornaments deeply carved with foliate scrolls surrounded by inset turquoise cabochon beads. The verso scrolled foliates and auspicious florals on a stippled ground centered by an embossed four character apocryphal reign mark. Length 18 inches (45.7 cm).
Lot  498
Estimate: $10,000  - 15,000  
A FINE CHINESE CARVED WHITE JADE FIGURAL BRUSH WASHER, QING DYNASTY. In the form of a semi-closed lotus blossom with goldfish, the exterior well carved and detailed in an even toned translucent white jade with stippled and veined petals and underside carved with signs of decay, the interior well hollowed with a central stem form handle rising from the bottom. Length 6.5 inches (16.5 cm)
Price Realized: $15,600.00